Client Comments

"We enjoyed working with Mike so much that we may build something we don't need just to work with him again."
"Mike makes it so easy to be a 'customer at a distance.' I really appreciate it!"
"Mike is meticulous. His subs take pride in their work, they are meticulous, too; that's why we've developed a trust for him. It's always a good experience working with Mike."
"Mike and I worked together and had fun. I can't imagine anything could have gone better."
"Mike has an incredible work ethic. He always exceeds my high expectations and he's always on time. If I could clone him I'd be a millionaire."
"The house looks so beautiful, exactly what I wanted."
"He promised us December 18 and we were moving dishes into the cabinets on December 6! He was a couple of weeks early, it's unheard of. It was a smooth process."
"When we decided to add on the sunroom, we knew we had to get Mike Smith to do the addition. He had redone our kitchen and bathroom and he was the only contractor we considered, he's the best. I wouldn't have anyone else do my work."
"I couldn't have done this without Mike. He couldn't have been more professional; he's reliable, a good partner."
"Mike was wonderful, he worked with us all the way."
"We support Mike 150 thousand times. He's brilliant - we tell him to bring people by to sell him."
Mike Smith Building and Remodeling - example of work
Member of National Association of The Remodeling Industry Member of National Association of Home Builders Member of Orleans Chamber of Commerce Member of the Better Business Bureau